DMM Viper Climbing Harness

DMM Viper Climbing Harness

If you want an adjustable padded harness, but one pitched perhaps at a more affordable level, then the Viper is an excellent choice.

This is a great value, well designed, all rounder suitable for the full gamut of climbing disciplines. Use it down the wall, out on the crag; the adjustable leg loops also make it a good winter harness.

It has many of the features of the top of the range harnesses, but we have simplified the design slightly. For example, there is no floating waistbelt, and there are 5 gear loops instead of 7.

It does have the Slide Lock buckles though, which we’ve given a rounded off, low profile shape to reduce ‘snagability’.

For your reassurance when buying from us, once this item has been purchased the item cannot be returned for either an exchange or refund. This is to ensure that all Personal protection Items are brand new and have not been used; dropped or damaged that may hinder your safety. This is in relation to Health & Safety PPE. This does not affect you statutory rights.


  • Great value adjustable leg padded harness.
  • Tapered waist belt and padded leg loops with structural binding for greater comfort and support.
  • Adjustable leg loops use a Slide Lock buckle system to give a secure fit with stacks of adjustment potential.
  • Waist buckle is a Slide Lock design.
  • 5 large capacity gear loops.
  • Cordura face fabric for increased durability.
  • Twin drop away bum straps for calls of nature.
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